​When All Hope Seems Lost

by Bashir Oyetunji

Are you in a state of despair? You think your existence is useless, and that all headway is blocked? You think nothing is working right, and that you don’t care what happens.

You seem unable to control yourself, and your mind tells you to commit evil, or worse still, suicide.

Relax a bit! Wouldn’t you rather use that state to your advantage? That is, instead of committing evil, you should rather do beneficial things (by utilizing the following).

  • Get Fiercer to Break Out

When you think that all hope is lost and that you’ve got nothing to lose, then your thoughts would be wild. You would feel like doing just anything. So why not use that feeling to break out of your comfort zone or dormant state. Then move into the world of creativity; the world of unimaginable invention.

Here, don’t move into a state of breaking the bank. No! Rather, let that “I don’t care state” pull you not to care to use all that remains on you to invest, or even to buy yourself a cup of tea in order to keep journeying. Let that down state get you harder into doing your good heart wishes.



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  • Get Armed

You’re already armed with your current state; you’re armed against fear. Your heart feels like nothing can happen that will pain you. Try then to utilize the strength to travel away in search of happiness. Don’t use that arm to take lives; instead, use it to kill the procrastination and block in you.

  • Utilize the Gusto

The gusto is your having nothing to lose. So when you believe that, why would you not apply for whatever job you’ve been afraid or shy to apply for. Sell what you’ve been procrastinating to, as a result of shyness, sell. Talk to the love of your heart that you’ve been shying away from talking to. Explore the halal knowledge you’ve been yearning for. Go out and learn more about Allah and His religion. You have nothing else to lose; so, try, rather than commit evil.

The no-go Area

You must neither kill yourself nor commit illegalities. These two things have absolutely no good for you. It may lead to your destruction in this life and in the hereafter, most especially when you don’t have the chance to repent before you die.

Always have it in mind that the world is a microcosm. Worry less about it, but worry more about where you’re going. Try as much as you can to it well and transit well. Pray to Allah always.

Go forth and enjoy your life in the light of Allah’s obedience.



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