Do Not Brood On Life

by Bashir Oyetunji

Happenings abound in and around us. Sometimes they’re simple and sometimes they’re so complex that they get us thinking hard.

Different bits of advice will surface, and this may even be nauseating. You’d be confused, and you’d feel alone even when people surround you.

Your heart would be filled, and your world would seem clouded. But here is a piece of advice for you: Simplify things.

Let the thought of the existence fill your heart instead. Think about how the world has been in existence. Events upon events have been overshadowed. Wars, planned or unplanned, have occurred. Yet here we are.

Look around you, and see the old ones. Imagine their journeying from past ages; imagine their experiences and what they’d enjoyed and suffered. Still, there they are. And that’s because it is in their Qadar (Predestination) that they would still be no matter what occurs.

So, have hope that come what may, you wouldn’t die before your time; what is yours would surely reach you, and what you didn’t get was not meant for you.

Here are tips for you to shun brooding.



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  • Cherish your present

This is our most prized asset – the present. When you take an absolute chance of your present then you’re working for moments of smiles to come.

When you, however, fill your present with brooding on your predicaments or cursing your existence or grieving about the past, you’ll abandon your work. You would feel sleepy or inactive. Later, when you wake up to return to your abandoned work, you’d have lost what should have been earned at the time you were grieving.

  • Don’t think your present state is the definition of your life

Just as the old had been young, and the rich had been poor, and the knowledgeable had been ignorant, so also is your current status temporary. It doesn’t define who you would be.

Only our Creator is not preceded by imperfection. All humans will go through stages. It must be our path to greatness. Hence, work now, and don’t be dejected because you are not where you envisage yourself to be. If Allah wills, you’d rise.

  • Find recourse in Allah

All creatures are cared for by Allah. He never forgets (Qur’an 19 (Maryam): 64). Believe your situation is temporary. Always pray and supplicate. Do the pristine etiquettes of worship and rest assured in Allah.

Also, never despair of Allah’s forgiveness for your sins (Quran 39 (Zumar): 53). Repent sincerely, abandon your transgressions, and then move on happily and hopefully.

The bottom line

Do not allow hardship pull you to brooding on life. Believe things will get better. Utilize your present judiciously, and do not be deceived by the present hardship. Simplify life always. Return to Allah always, and sincerely seek His forgiveness always.


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