Give Yourself Some Time

by Bashir Oyetunji

“I can’t know this subject!

“This language is too hard for me to learn!

“I just can’t master this work!”

These are what you chant every time, and then you make these feelings overcome you in the course of your works. Afterward, you give up and stop learning.

You’ve been giving chance to a thief to steal your important life process. Stop and relax. There is one important recipe you need in the course of your learning. That recipe is time.

Journeying through learning

As a student of knowledge, you will be faced with challenges in the course of learning. A major one you’ll encounter is the arduousness in learning. It’ll seem hard. You’ll feel like stopping. You’ll get bored. You’ll try to memorize but they’ll fly off.

Know that these feelings are normal at the start. If it is possible, you can ask scholars if these feelings still abide with them after they’ve been called scholars. But know for sure that at the initial stage they didn’t just develop magnet in their brain.

Know that the people you now call scholars persevere to know what they know today. They underwent hardship. They experienced headaches, pains, and they burned midnight candles. Ultimately, it is Allah’s favor on them.

So, you too should follow their footstep. Pray to Allah to enrich you with knowledge and its sisters. Then think not that you’ll know everything within a short period of time from when you start. The basic fact, though we’re gifted differently, is that knowledge acquisition takes time and patience. Give yourself these.

Being in a haste too much will dampen your morale. Why? That’s because it will make you feel like you’re not getting anything you’re learning. Ultimately, it’ll make you want to stop. When the feeling of stopping descends on you, then all you’re working for is gone.

Time, Time Management, Stopwatch

Sailing their ship

Scholars of Islam (may Allah be pleased with them all) are people I admire so much. These people know thousands, even millions of Hadiths (Prophet’s – peace and blessing of Allah be upon him – narrations) in addition to knowing the whole Qur’an by heart. I wonder, do these people started and ended in a day. Of course not.

These scholars are easily perceived as “Oh, gifted. Blessed.” But do you think the knowledge just dawned on them? Definitely not! It is a result of perseverance which Allah has favored them with.

The piece of advice

Learning, of course, is not easy. You’ll need to read and memorize. Do not despair. Do not think you cannot know. Essentially, give yourself some time, you need it.

Whenever you’re being pulled down by a block, try to relax, then try again, then relax, then try again, and continue till you know it. Pray always for Allah’s ease through your tasks. Also never be pompous with whatever knowledge you’re gifted with. Know always that it is Allah’s favor on you.

Moreover, do not learn for money alone. Learn because you want to know.


As you relax and give yourself time while being hardworking, sip from this quote by Sheikh al-hadith Muhammad bn ‘Aliy ādam Al ītiyopii (hafidho u Llah) (translated by a dear brother):

نَصِيحةٌ ذَهَبيَّةٌ لِطالِبِ العِلمِ”

قال العلَّامة المحدِّث محمد ابن علي آدم الأثيوبي-حفظه الله تعالى- :

” فيا أيها الطالب اللبيب، والراغب الأريب، اعلم – أسعدك الله تعالى – أنَّ هذا العلم بطيئ اللزام، بعيد المرام، لا يُرى في المنام، ولا ينال بالأوهام، ولا يُورث عن الآباء والأجداد والأعمام، ولا يناله كسلان ولا يُوفَّقَه نومان، ولا يُلقَّاه من قطع نهاره بالاجتماع، وليله بالجماع؛ وإنما يُعطاه من بذل كلّه في سبيل الطلب، ولم يبال لما يناله من كدّ وتعب “.

الفوائد السمية (14/2)


“Golden advice for student of knowledge

Sheikh al-hadith Muhammad bn ‘Aliy ādam Al ītiyopii (hafidho u llah) said:

So I call on you intelligent students of knowledge who want goodness. Know (may Allah make you successful) that this knowledge is a slow obligation, far envisaged (not achieved in a day) , is not seen in dreams and is not achieved through deceit and is not inherited from parents and grandparents and uncles. And it is not attained by a lazy person and not achieved by the sleepy. And not achieved by one who cuts his day with social meetings and his night with intercourse. It is only given to one who use or sacrifice everything on the path of knowledge acquisition, and doesn’t care when he will achieve it in labour (hard work) and tiredness.”

الفوائد السمية (14/2)


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