Do You Want to Grow Without Challenges?

by Bashir Oyetunji

Of course, yes, you want to grow without challenges. I do, too. Don’t we all want to grow and live without some . . . challenges? Nobody wants to grow up while been faced with challenges like losing loved ones, failing, meeting a dead end, disappointment, regrets, and oh, what have you.

But I’m sorry, some of these things do happen. And it is unlikely to scrape through life without experiencing at least one out of those mentioned challenges or one outside those mentioned challenges in life. It is sad to say this but, chum, it happens. If only we can avoid it, how nice would it have been, but challenges would always happen. So, what is to those challenges?


I want you to relax, first. Truly, it’s not a joke being faced with what you’re experiencing as a challenge right now. And, in fact, it looks like your challenge is novel. Whichever way, it will take a great effort to live through those challenging times.

The irony of the matter, however, is that you will grow through your challenges. Look a bit at this analysis.

When you fail in some things, isn’t it likely that you will prepare even better for that thing when you want to do it again?

The preparation you do for a task that you’ve once failed will give you more knowledge on that task and you will be a master in it. When people who haven’t experienced the ardor you’ve experienced in the task see you as an expert in it, what would you be doing? You would likely be smiling to yourself telling yourself, “What do these ones know? Do they know what I’ve gone through to achieve this feat?” That’s just one way challenges ace you.

Telling a story after passing through some hard times in your life is unlike telling it while you achieved that thing on a silver platter. Of course, you wouldn’t be preparing for challenges in your task; however, those challenges will come to you when you don’t prepare for it and when you are able to persevere and come out of those challenges, you would then have a mouth full of stories.

At the time you begin to tell your story to people, you would feel like a star that has just fallen from the sky but, alas, what you’ve experienced and labored through was much more than the inspiration those people are deriving from your story. It was hell!

On the other hand, when people who have achieved your feat listen to you speak, they would even feel an admiration for you. They would think that you’ve really tried and they might view themselves as small in your side. That is what challenging experiences bring although we don’t want them.

When they happen

Yes, challenges are experiences we don’t want and shouldn’t wish or pray for. In fact, they are experiences we should feel sad for when they happen. But whenever they happen, we should brace up in regards to them and not relent or feel depressed as a result of them.

You should get prepared to weather the storm of challenges when they happen. You should utilize some of the strategies highlighted in our previous posts here in your challenges.

Don’t give up. Don’t commit what’s not. Just know that those challenges are “one of those things” and be prepared to even work harder to achieve your goals.

Don’t give up buddy, just work on and on and you will feel good about those challenges in the end. See you at the top!


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