How to Deal with Your Mistakes

by Bashir Oyetunji

You’ve probably made this mistake that to you is so severe or silly, and so you’ve been brooding about it all day. Or maybe the mistake is such that makes you think you wouldn’t be able to deal with it.

Relax okay. The mistake thing is not new with you and will not stop with you.

Yes, I make mistakes too. And FYI, dear, most people do, too.

Now, let’s go a bit into the imagination land.


Let’s imagine you are to spend seventy years on earth and then at age twenty you make a mistake that makes you see yourself as worthless. Let me ask you, “will you allow the mistake you made at age twenty shatter the remaining fifty years of your life?”

“Would you allow that embarrassing event you encountered at twentyrelate it to yourself nowto jeopardize the entire remaining fifty years you are to spend in life?”

Don’t you think those remaining years are worthwhile?


Just as you wouldn’t want to jeopardize your remaining fifty years of life with a single mistake, so also must you not take every other mistake, pitfall, sad experience, or embarrassment to heart. You must discard them, put them behind you, and never allow them to negatively determine even the next day of your life.




Why You Must Leave Your Errors Behind

You keep nagging on a mistake you made yesterday. You keep doing so till a whole week runs out. You got so embittered by the mistake that you still brood on it for a whole year. In fact, you think that you will never ever stop thinking about it every single day of your life. Then the question,

“would the gravity of brooding about the mistake bring back the event?”

Definitely, no.

It has gone and gone forever. However, you can only make yourself better by doing some things which will be subsequently discussed.

A day that’s gone can never come back again. Even if you wail, cry and tear your body, the day has gone forever, and you will only see the breaking of new days.

Moreover, those you think were involved in the past event will go by. Young ones will grow old and the old ones will leave earth. But what about your life? Will you allow the event to destroy it?

Assuming you were given the chance to go back and amend the mistake you made, do you realize that you might still make another mistake before you return to the present? And will you keep going back all the time?

It is in our nature to make mistakes. The only advantage you’d do to yourself, however, is to learn from each mistake. When you do so, then subsequently, your mistakes will be getting minimal.

Think about it, if you didn’t make the mistakes you’ve made in the past, do you think you’d still have the loads of experience you have today?

How did you get to walk? You stood up, fell, stood up, fell, and you stood up again.

Same as when learning how to drive. You know you have to start somewhere–fall even, especially when learning how to ride a bicycle–and you’ll then be improving from there.

What You Must Do Instead

Now that you’ve agreed to leave behind your mistakes, there are some things to do instead in regards to your mistakes. Here they are.

* Learn

Yes, you must learn from your mistakes. You would be unfair to yourself when you don’t learn from your errors. You shouldn’t lose on two ends, should you? Agreed that you got control of your mistakes by getting over it, won’t you then want to know how to avoid making the same mistake again?

Say you fail as regards your conduct with someone, then try to take initiative from the experience. How should you subsequently be relating to people?

When you learn from each mistake, you’ll be growing gradually–consciously or subconsciously. If, for instance, you make one hundred mistakes in a year, then for each of the hundred mistakes, you’d have learned another one hundred ways of success, of strength, of knowledge. Imagine that!

So, always ensure to learn from each mistake as that’d be your asset and your takeaway.

* Make Necessary Corrections

You should also try and correct your errors if there is a chance for you to do so. If, for example, you were wayward to someone and you later realize your conduct, there is nothing wrong in amending your ways with the person by apologizing, perhaps.

You might have behaved badly to your wife or husband. Instead of brooding on the mistake or making it consume you, just go and make the necessary correction with him/her.

You might have committed a writing error in an assignment? If it is possible to change it, then go do so before your chance will elapse.

* Move On

Whatever you do, you just must make sure you move on after your mistakes. You must never let the mistakes consume you by making you stagnant. Take the mistakes lightly and forge ahead. If you commit another, still forgo the mistake and move on. Do not give your mistakes the chance to take over you.

* Never Brood

Brooding on your mistakes is dangerous. It can even lead you to commit suicide. Whatever you do, let go of your mistakes all the time and try to move on in life. You’ve committed them and there is nothing you can do to go back in time. However, there is the present which you can use judiciously and the future which you don’t know about. So brace up and get up after your mistakes.

So, what have you learned from your mistakes? Feel free to share them!

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