I’m sorry: Little But Powerful Words

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by Bashir Oyetunji

I still remember how a more than 20-year relationship would have been tainted had I not humbled myself and utter the words, I’m sorry. AlhamduliAllah! It was an event that occurred between my sister and me, you can imagine. I was oblivious of the fact that she was helping me get a commodity which I sent her while she didn’t want to tell me the ardor she was going through to get it. I said some not-too-healthy words and . . . I had to retract them afterward.

I’m sorry is what I will call the little devil. These words appear simple and easy to pronounce, but, to be honest, they are actually hard to utter.

I’m sorry are words powerful than we can imagine. They can save or kill, revive or ruin, unite or disunite, and bring about war or stop it.

You wonder how I’m sorry can cause a whole nation to go to war? Yes, imagine a costly mistake made by a tribe to another tribe or made by the head of a nation. When such a mistake is complemented by I’m sorry, a seeming war might be averted. But when, and that’s what happens most times, such a mistake is complemented by a pompous feeling and subsequently a refusal to say I’m sorry, imagine what could result thereby.

Excuse Me, I'M Sorry, Stamp, Font

The power of I’m sorry

I’m sorry is one little and funny sentence. As abstract as it is, it can go deep down into the heart of an individual and soothe it.

This simple sentence is what some married couples are bereft of and which is tearing them apart. Most partners would not admit their mistakes, so I’m sorry will be hard for either of the party to say.

The power behind this sentence is that it usually makes the one saying it to be the one at fault and this simple fact is what people don’t want to admit and what makes people decline the saying of this sentence.

I’m sorry is not easy to say. Even when people say it out of merely wanting to settle things (without them being at fault), it would be devoid of life and, sometimes, it could even be withdrawn.

If elders had not been pompous to say I’m sorry, then most feud would have been averted. If younger ones (imagine that too) have not been pompous to say the words, then the world would have been a better place.

I’m sorry makes you lower yourself in humbleness. And to do that, my dear, it takes real forbearance.

Sorry Heart Excuse Me Wood Red I Beg Your

Characteristics of I’m sorry

As simple as it is to say these words or even to fake it, they don’t come out of the sheer opening and closing of the mouth.

These words are gigantic and, in fact, I use to think to decide if the person I want to say them to deserve them. These words have some attributes which would make then insignificant if they are not present. Here are the attributes.

  1. Fully accepting your wrong

It’s not just about the words coming out but it’s about knowing that the recipient deserves it. Perhaps, that’s why it’s hard for people to say them most times.

  1. Saying them sincerely because you regret your actions

When you say I’m sorry because you really regret your action, I bet those words will be weighty to the recipient and will have the needed effects they should have in the mind of the recipient.

  1. Saying them because you really want a settlement

This is where I’m sorry can come even when you don’t really offend the recipient but just want a settlement. In this scenario, you will really have to mean the words for the purpose of mending your relationship. Most times when this happens, you’ll most likely have the chance to get back your I’m sorry from the person you’ve said it to at a later time in the future. However, you have to really mean it and say it for the purpose of friendship and importantly, you must know that you won’t misbehave in retaliation to the recipient.

Final words

I’m sorry can heal, dear reader. They are powerful words and, sincerely, I’ve seen them work. It has worked for me in my relationship with friends and families. So, fight that why-will-I-apologize urge and just say I’m sorry. Please do. Let’s make the world better. Let’s keep a healthy relationship.


P.S. I’m sorry I couldn’t post last Friday. This post is intended to replace Friday’s missed post. Actually, I got this offer from my beautiful brother to open a better website where we can post articles in a better way, have a better view, and get more advanced. That would be different from the WordPress hosted site we’re currently using. I pray that happens. You’ll surely know, insha’Allah, when it does. I thought the website would be ready early but it happened that it didn’t. So, assist me with your individual prayers. So, erm . . . sorry!

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