Finally, we’ve moved to a new website. Thank you for being there!


It’s been a journey here and praise is to Allah we’re finally moving to a new website!


Thanks to you, our readers, for being a motivation.


With the new improved website, we’ll even be able to serve you more insha’Allah. So, activities will now be moved to the website. Feel free to explore it!

Currently, though, there are still some developmental works on it, but, hey, it is up and running for your enjoyment.

Some of the features you will explore in the new website include:

Better reading experience

Newsletter signup to receive our posts

A better way to contribute to posts through comments, etc.


Before I’ll finally say bye-bye here, I really need to say two words.

Thank you!

Thanks once again to you, our readers, who’ve been with us. You’re awesome!

And to the designer and builder of our new website, Sydewalka Design, we say thank you, jazaakumuAllahukhayraa! You can connect with him through the following links for your website design.

Websites: | |

Emails: |


Enough of the talk, right? Yeah, just go to and get started!


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