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Your Gifts

by Bashir Oyetunji

Once, I was called upon by this young and vibrant youth to help with something. I had thought that work would be an exhausting work so I felt reluctant to answer the call. After meeting with this guy, however, I was astounded and I reflected. He actually wanted a help with a writing that, to me, is so simple but, to him, was a mountain.

There I thought about this writing ability I’m gifted with and from there the reflection came upon me, what if I don’t know how to write, surf the internet, use a communication device, etc., would I have incurred any sin to my account when I don’t know these things? Now that I know them, wouldn’t I incur sins to my account when I fail to use these gifts in the right way? I asked myself further, should my gifts be an advantage for me or a disadvantage? How am I using my gifts?

Extensively, I got myself thinking about what we all are gifted with. It’s not only about a skill but it extends to even our existence. Is our existence not worthy of been explored to gain good rewards for ourselves? What about our gifts of hands, legs, eyes, and other parts of our body? Shouldn’t those parts be used to gain rewards instead of being used to incur sins?


Most times, we tend to use our concrete and abstract gifts to commit sins. This is a wrong thing to do. Those things should rather be used to gain good rewards for ourselves.

Your beauty shouldn’t be used to destroy. Rather, it should be used to please your legal partner.

Your money should not be used to destroy individuals, families, nations, or the world. It should not be used to show off to those who don’t have it. Rather, it should be used to help, save, and acquire good rewards.

Your children should not be used to make those who don’t have yet cry by whatever bad way. Rather, you should worship through them.

Your devices should not be used to indulge in sinful acts. Rather, they should be used to acquire knowledge and gain things.

Your knowledge should not be used to look down on people. Rather, it should be used to save people.

It is a thing of joy to own a car. Isn’t it? But should that car be used to commit evil acts? No, it shouldn’t. Think about when someone doesn’t have a car, will such a person have any sinful reward to his reward bank? So now that one is in possession of that car, should it be used to even acquire bad rewards?

Imagine, however, how that car would be a plus for one when one uses it well. One would even be higher up in terms of reward gaining and benefiting people with it.

Wait here, no one is saying that you should discard your gifts. No, that’s insane. No one is saying that you should feel unhappy for your gifts. No. We all want good things of this world, definitely.

However, use those gifts to help, save, and gain rewards. Don’t hide them unnecessarily and don’t flaunt them unnecessarily. Rather, express them and make them known so you would save humanity with them.

I use to envy people who spend on others. This is a virtuous act. Some others, instead, hide their money so people won’t request it from them but that shouldn’t be.

Some others, meanwhile, flaunt their money on nonsenses even though people out there are starving. This is not right as well.

Isn’t it nice to make someone happy? It’s nice my dear. It’s a reason to live.


A point of note

Now, you might be wondering, “why am I gifted this thing?” No, don’t do that. It’s a blessing and a plus. Also, you might want to over pull yourself. No, be gentle on yourself.

What I would advise, however, is just to try to, as much as possible, use your gifts well. Also, whenever you make a mistake, try to recall yourself, ask for forgiveness, and follow bad deeds with lots of good deeds.


So, be thankful for your gift and rise up to save someone with it today. You’ll feel a sense of happiness within you I tell you. Use your gifts to gain good rewards today, don’t use them to incur sins.


You’re Unique, Different, and Special!

by Bashir Oyetunji

You’ve seen the sun, moon, and stars. Do you notice how special they are in their different ways?

So also are the flowers. The roses, tulips, azaleas, etc. They’re all lovely creatures!

You might also have noticed the herbs and plants. You’d see they are all created by the Most High for specific and special purposes.

All these lovely creations have awesome ways they serve their purposes of creation.

Just like the sun, moon stars, and flowers…, you are also special, different, adorable, and useful in your own way(s).

You are useful. You have purposes. You are magnificent. One, two, three, or more skill and ability, you are just the special being you are.

Why think you are a waste? Nay, you are not. Have you forgotten you would be raised in the life to come just like every other human will be raised?

Who says you are a waste? You are Allah’s sign on earth. You are His creation.

Relax, and get not worried. Take your time to think about the following.

  • That your purpose may be different from that of another person

The sun shines in the day and is appreciated by all. It serves various purposes, part of which is illuminating the world, acting as drier for the body and the earth, shinning on the plants for respiration, and hitting the world so that we’d see ourselves.

The moon shines at night and denotes the passing of months. It also illuminates the world at night.

The stars are special in their sparkles to the sky. They act as reflectors for people who reflect by looking up the sky at night.

All of these creations have even much more functions than anyone could say. You are also a special purpose creation just like the stars and others. You have your different roles to play – in your family, in your neighborhood, in your community, in your nation, and in the world.

Whatever role you play should be appreciated and purposed.

Your special ability might be in your affable nature. It might be in your interaction mode. You might be an influencer through the way you solve people’s issues. Your secret might just be anywhere (and never in things that are in disobedience to Allah).

If you are in the position of the sun, whereas you should be in the position of the stars, then you would have been a misfit.

Whatever your position, role, contribution, and achievement, you are different and special, unique and worthy.

The role of forming a nation through your family is mammoth. The role of producing for the benefit of mankind is weighty. The role of serving the world and making it a better place is heavy. Never look down upon yourself by any means.

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  • Realize that whatever you do, you will be raised up on the Resurrection Day

The realization of resurrection, though fearful when thought about, is soothing to your disturbed mind that you’re indeed here for a purpose. Once you’re human, then you qualify to be admitted into Paradise. The crux for you then is to earn the Paradise through Allah’s mercy and dutifulness to Him.

So, why look down upon yourself when you know that you have a purpose of worshipping Allah on earth. This is a great purpose which supersedes many other things. So, you should rise up, worship, feel good, and meditate about goodness. You should not let any feeling of inferiority dissuade you from your primary purpose of worship.

  • Never be complacent about your shortcomings. Work and work to change them

Perhaps what’s making you look down on yourself is that you think your talent is not like others. Nay, you have your own special way. Perhaps it is that you’ve not yet mastered that ability, so go on and learn.

Work and work to change any mistake you’re encountering. You could be like the great ones you admire. In fact, you can be better. Just do not be complacent, continue working even for years. Work, work, and work. Never stop working. Even when you seem to have stopped in your outer eyes, know deep down yourself that you’ve not stopped and that you still aim for the top in that your field, for the best, for breaking grounds in your field, and for impacting in your own set goal.

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Never look down upon yourself because you are a worker but not a producer. You are special.

Never look down upon yourself for any reason. You are special.

Be positive about yourself today and always. Utilize the remaining allotted time you have on earth judiciously. Work and work hard. Strive and strive hard. Be determined and smile at yourself every time. Love yourself and everyone around you. Get up today and go and impart the world!